Eyes on the Prize: 12 New Year's Resolutions for 2023

Now that we're well into the swing of the New Year, how are those New Year's Resolutions treating you? Here at Bomber HQ, we've been collecting some of our favorite clever, simple, or lofty New Year's Resolutions to hold each other accountable. 

Here are just a few of our best New Year's Resolutions for 2023. Let us know what your resolutions look like on Instagram at @bombereyewear -- and hopefully at least one of them is to buy new sunglasses! 


12 Creative New Year's Resolutions for 2023

1. Focus on self-care that makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. A lot of self-care New Year's Resolutions focus on products to buy and apps to install -- but the best self-care New Year's Resolution is -- and this is a revolutionary thing we're going to share here -- focused on your self. This carries over into a lot of other categories: Focus on things that make you happy and confident about the person you see in the mirror. This isn't strictly related to weight loss or exercise, but rather investing in clothes that you actually love instead of fast fashion (and polarized sunglasses to top off every outfit). Find a scent you love -- like sandalwood, vanilla, or eucalyptus -- and go on quests to find those scents and bring them home. You don't always need candles or bath bombs to make self-care part of your routine -- you can find fresh flowers or fragrant fruits from your local farmers market to fill the house with great smells while you cook! 

2. Schedule your annual eye exam. Be honest -- when was the last time you visited the eye doctor? If it's been more than a year, you're more than due for a new prescription. If you don't wear glasses or contacts, you should still be going to the eye doctor at least once a year. Optometrists are our first line of defense when it comes to harmful eye conditions and diseases, like macular degeneration, vision-related diabetes symptoms, glaucoma, and even high blood pressure. While you're at it, schedule all those annual or semi-yearly appointments you've been putting off: dental cleanings, your yearly physical, and a dermatologist checkup. 

3. Replace, restore, or recycle your overused items. This is another great New Year's Resolution you can use all year long. In the spirit of spring cleaning and Marie Kondo, take some time this New Year to identify the items you've been using for too long -- broken sunglasses, ripped pants, that bookshelf that looks like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Then, choose whether you want to replace, restore, or recycle them. This is a fun New Year's Resolution for adults because it gives you the opportunity to learn a new craft or skill. Shredded jeans? Learn how to sew or apply fun, unique patches! Sad, busted bookshelf? Whip out your Dad's power tools and go to town. Sometimes, however, things just need replaced: If you're due for, oh, we don't know, say sunglasses, you know where to go -- check out our Best Sellers and Clearance items for ideas! 

4. Spend more quality time with your family and friends. And for the love of lenses, this doesn't mean a "family movie night" where you throw something on TV and then everyone stares at their phones. Take time to be present and mindful in your time with your loved ones, especially people you haven't seen in a while. This doesn't have to cost money, either -- you can hit the beach or hit the highway with a home-packed picnic basket (and your favorite pair of sunglasses, of course) for a cheap adventure. Or, set a low dollar amount -- like five or ten bucks -- and see what you can buy, find, eat, or drink for that amount in a part of your town you've never explored. The point is to be present with your loved ones -- so no phones except for GPS! 

5. Send handwritten letters or cards every month. There's nothing quite like the rush of joy you get finding a birthday card in the mail -- what if you could give people that feeling year-round? A great New Year's Resolution for families and friends is to send handwritten letters and cards. Extra points if you make the cards yourself -- so what if the dinosaur you were trying to draw looks more like a lumpy bear? Your loved ones will love that lumpy bear just as much as you love them. 

6. Quit smoking. Yeah, yeah, we see this one on every New Year's Resolution list, but we're including it for a reason you might not expect -- your vision. Did you know that smoking increases your risk for cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, dry eye syndrome, and macular degeneration? No, we're not making that up. Smoking can literally cause you to go blind. So, uh, if you haven't kicked that yet -- 2023 is a great time to make it happen! 

7. Create a mindful budget. Here's a familiar New Year's Resolution with a twist! There are a ton of blogs and companies that will tell you to create a new budget and then offer you a bunch of budgeting tools that either cost oodles of money or are completely unrealistic for today's cost of living. Instead of ascribing to a lofty budget that you'll blow out immediately, take the time to look at the money you're actually spending, set reasonable spending goals that actually match your lifestyle, and keep track of your spending with pen and paper. The act of writing down your spending instead of marking categories in an app makes your spending more real. And our trick for a mindful budget? We keep room in our monthly and quarterly budgets for "splurge" things that we don't need but just really, really want. That way, if you slip up one week and spend too much money on a dinner with friends, you're not tempted to say "screw it" and destroy your budget for the month. Ya get it? 

8. Plan a vacation for the end of 2023. In the spirit of mindful budgeting and self-care, combine these resolutions into one Mega Awesome New Year's Resolution and set your sights on a winter vacation. (Pro tip: The US winter is a great time to visit places like Hawaii, Mexico, and the Bahamas because you get to shed the snow for sand, waves, and warm weather.) Setting this goal for the end of the year allows you to save up for it, plan effectively, and do your research. For things like cruises or all-inclusive resorts, you can also set up a payment plan at the beginning of the year so you have a lower monthly payment to add to your bills -- instead of needing to dump a bunch of money all at once! 

9. Commit to healthier sleep. This can be folded into a larger self-care New Year's Resolution or be a goal on its own. Poor sleep is linked to so many more health issues than we realize, from high blood pressure to dry eye to depression heart disease to dementia. Getting enough sleep can even improve your brain performance -- but we've all had enough hangovers and late nights to know how hard it is to tie your shoes after a night of poor sleep, let alone make critical business decisions. 

10. Pick up a new sport or other physical activity. Ahh, exercise -- the top of every New Year's Resolution list and one of the most boring ways to start the New Year. Not that we're jaded or anything, but there's only so many times we can start a new jogging routine without going "uggggh" so loud the neighbors get mad. The trick to setting an actual, effective, and consistent exercise routine is finding a sport, exercise, or other physical activity you actually enjoy. This can be as silly as a dancing game on the Nintendo Switch or as committed as taking rock climbing or surfing classes. Experiment until you find something that sticks and that you enjoy -- don't just fork out a bajillion dollars for a personal trainer you don't actually gel with. 

11. Exercise your brain and eyes, not just your body. Along the same lines, here's another resolution that turns boring "exercise more" into something creative. Our brain and eyes need exercise (and aftercare) as much as our muscles do. For those brain wrinkles, cheap, silly -- and FUN -- things like crossword puzzles or sudoku can go a long way to waking up your brain in the morning. And honestly, they're kinda like meditation sometimes, especially when you're tuning out the world and vibing out with a good word search! For the eyes, taking breaks is key. For example, take pit stops on long drives to rest your eyes for a bit. For people who work on computers all day, take a minute or two every hour to look out the window, across the room, or another longer distance to give your eyes a chance to reboot. This helps cut down on dry eye and eye fatigue. Or, invest in a pair of Blue Light Glasses to make computers a little less draining to look at! 

12. Keep your eye on the prize. Finally, this New Year's Resolution can look like anything you want it to be -- so long as you're focusing on yourself. Sometimes, New Year's Resolutions can feel too restricting or difficult to complete, so why not work on a goal that's more based on ~vibe~ than numbers. Make time this year to feel good about yourself and the life you want to live, whether this means taking an hour each week to make a gratitude list or simply going on more "dates" with yourself.


So, how 'bout it, Bomber fam? Where will 2023 take you? We hope these New Year's Resolutions will give you a leg up on this changing time. And take it from us -- we've got a lot going on at Bomber HQ, so we know how important it is to take time for self-improvement! 

And wherever you go this year, never forget that we're here for YOU. Our community makes us who we are and we're so happy to have you! Connect with us on Instagram at @bombereyewear, or send us a note at with any questions you have -- or just to say hi :-)

Above all, have a happy, safe, healthy, and productive 2023! 


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