Extreme Sports We Want to Try This Summer

The sun is out, the weather is warm, and the summer extreme sports have begun! At Bomber Eyewear, we love a good extreme sport. After all, we are named for -- and founded by -- professional jet ski racer, Tommy "the Bomber" Bonacci!

It doesn’t matter the season; we will find a way to get outside for a good adrenaline rush. Here are some of our must-try extreme sports we’re adding to the list this summer.



"So you take a surfboard, right? And you add a sail to it -- but not just any sail, a sail IN THE SKY!" Anyway, that's how we imagine the first conversation about kitesurfing went (followed by a lot of "Broooooo!" and "BROOOO, I KNOW!"). In this extreme sport, surfers harness the power of the wind with large, powerful kites. The wind fills the kite and pulls the surfer at insane speeds, sometimes fast enough to lift them straight out of the water and into some pretty spectacular stunts! Combining aspects and skills from other sports like snowboarding, paragliding, and skateboarding, kitesurfing adds a level of skill and speed -- and of course, danger -- to our favorite ocean sport. For the kitesurfers, we recommend a hardworking water-worthy frame like the IRIE Bomb. Or if you want more protection from the elements, try on a full-coverage favorite like the MAGNUM.


Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is one of the more common extreme sports, but it’s extremely thrilling. You hurtle down a mountainside on two wheels. Just one wrong turn—or a random tree trunk—can throw you off balance. If you're just getting into the sport, consider hiring a guide for a day or renting your bike instead of buying. There's nothing worse than spending $400 on gear you use once and then gathers dust in the back of your garage for decades. 




White-Water Rafting

One level up from canyoning down a calm stream. Okay maybe it’s three levels up, but still. This sport is extreme because not only does it take a lot of physical strength but you’re also in aggressive waters that are trying to take you down! Since the GOMER Bomb was created for water sport athletes by water sport athletes, we recommend these foam-lined frames that won’t slip from your face -- and if they do at least you know they’ll be floating waiting for you.


Mountain Climbing

There are so many different levels of mountain climbing but at the end of the day you are climbing a mountain. Does that sound normal to you? Because it sounds normal to us. Get some rope and a quality pair of sunglasses like the HUB frames to keep you safe while you scale a mountain for fun.



Are you thinking “Huh?” after reading that? 'Cause we did too. It turns out that Zorbing started in New Zealand but has quickly become a favorite summer activity for adrenaline junkies in both hemispheres. Zorbing involves climbing inside a massive inflatable ball, and then rolling down a super steep hill. Yes, it's actually a thing, and yes, we actually want to try it, and no, Tommy is not allowed to. 



There is nothing more extreme than trusting your life on a backpack that may open into a parachute. So, you know—this one takes the cake. And since you’ll be closer to the sun than most people you want to protect your eyes with the REGGIE. These frames were made for athletes—even the extreme ones—with the foam lining, fog prevention and anti-glare you’ll be ready to you know…jump out of a plane. For an extra layer of protection, grab a set of eyeglass cords to keep your glasses on your noggin while you're fighting gravity. 


If you’re participating in any of these summer extreme sports, then tag us on Instagram @bombereyewear so we can see BOMBER in action!


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