Driving home for the holidays? Here are our safety tips!

With all the traveling we’ll be doing this upcoming holiday season, it’s important to not only have the tools outside of your car to drive safely—but also to have the right tools inside your car. (And we don't just mean a killer playlist and a backup AUX cord.)

Whether you’re on the west coast driving against the glaring sunset, or up north squinting to see through the snowstorm—it’s important to have the right tools to get you and your family to grandma’s house safe and sound. A key factor when driving home for the holidays during winter is dealing with the weather.

Today, we've gathered up some of the Bomber team's best tips for driving home for the holidays in, let's just say, less-than-fantastic weather. 


Driving in heavy fog

If you’re truly heading up north, then you know what the foggy mountain tops can look like. It can be difficult to see right in front of you (or at least, that's your excuse for not listening to the GPS instructions). Take our advice, and follow these road safety tips in a foggy condition.

  • Reduce your speed since you can’t see too far ahead of you -- you don’t want to speed and end up hitting another car that wasn’t in your sight.
  • Roll down your window to be able to listen for emergency vehicles. (Or at the very least, turn the Michael Buble playlist down a little bit.)
  • Use roadside reflectors as guides. They're there to help you navigate twist and turns, but they can also help you find hidden turn-offs and warn you about opposite traffic, especially if other drivers are struggling to find the lane lines too.
  • Turn on low beam and fog lights -- fun fact, your high beams can actually worsen your line of vision. Light bounces off the water droplets in the fog, adding to that reflective nonsense in your way. 


Driving in the bright sunlight

What about the glaring sun? Though it’s not as “dangerous” on the roads, an accident can occur in literally the blink of an eye. And you will be blinking if the sun is beating down on you -- fixing that problem is like, 92% of the reason we started Bomber Eyewear.

  • Invest in a great pair of sunglasses. Lucky for you our polarized BUZZ Bomb in rose gold is not only functional but one of our best sellers. These ultra-popular frames not only reduce the sunlight in your eyes but actually block the reflections and glares that sunlight can create. (It's this whole thing called "polarized lenses"... look it up!) 
  • Use your visors and take advantage of the ones that can be moved to help block sunlight.
  • Leave a greater distance between you and other vehicles. Due to the sun glares it can be hard to see when another car’s brake lights come on. (But we won't tell if you're just distracted looking for the nearest Popeye's.) 
  • Consider tinting your windows if you live somewhere where sun glare is a regular issue for you. But before you take that plunge, be sure to research the tinted window laws in your state so you don’t get a ticket for too dark of a tint!


Driving in the rain

The most common weather condition that people will face during the holidays is rain. Rain is inevitable throughout the year and can create hazardous driving conditions (and soggy socks).

  • Turn on your lights but not high beams. Just like driving in the fog, having lights on can help you see clearer but also help other vehicles see you, but high beams can cause glares -- not only for you but for others on the road.
  • Slow down! Speed Racer is a great series, but save the reenactments for the video games. When the roads are slick it will take your car longer to slow down when you brake. If you’re going too fast you could cause an accident or even veer off the road.
  • Replace your windshield wipers before a long trip. It costs, like, fourteen bucks and fifteen minutes of your time to replace your wipers -- and the reduction in gunk and mess can make the difference between an easy rainy-day drive and a white-knuckled crawl through a South Carolina thunderstorm. (Not that we're speaking from experience or anything.)


Driving in snow and ice

And of course, we have to include snowy conditions during this time. We may be dreaming of a white Christmas, but that drive home in the slush is something out of a nightmare. Especially if you’re traveling more up north where the snow and ice conditions are more severe, it's important to know that your car (and your driver) is ready for the journey. 

  • As a reminder when you’re driving in snow and icy conditions: don’t speed. Ice is even slicker than rain and if you try to brake last minute you most likely won’t be able to stop. Definitely don't try it at home: sliding on ice is NOT as fun as it looks! 
  • Keep your defroster and windshield wipers on as needed to keep your windows clear. (This is another reason to replace your wipers before a long car trip!) 
  • Change your tires to winter tires. Or if you don't plan on spending the whole season in the snow, at least upgrade to newer tires that have better traction and can handle snow and ice.
  • Keep a decent pair of sunglasses on hand. People think because it’s cold and there’s snow on the ground that they don’t need sunglasses, but that’s the furthest thing from true. Sunlight bounces off snow and ice and can cause severe sun glares. (And would we really be "us" if we didn't plug our sunnies at least four times?) 


Driving in different weather conditions can seem scary, but if you have the right tools, you too can become a master of the road! Whether it's glasses to redirect snow glare, knowing when it's time for low beams versus high beams, or planning critical car upgrades (NEW! WIPER! BLADES!), there are steps you can take to keep yourself and your family safe on the road this holiday season. 

Above all, make sure you know when you need a break. It's always better to stop and take a breather during winter weather instead of trying to rush to your destination and landing yourself in a fix. And wherever you end up this holiday season, Bomber Eyewear is ready to go with you! 

Drive safe, celebrate, and enjoy the holidays! 




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