Caught On Camera: Bomber Shades at CaliVibes and Common Kings with Steel Pulse!

We're not freaking out, YOU'RE freaking out!! Okay, we're freaking out a little. 

The absolute roots reggae LEGENDS from Steel Pulse wore our shades -- OUR SHADES -- for their incredible shows at two back-to-back mega-parties. 

The Cali Vibes Music Fest is a Long Beach staple with a rich and diverse history: three days of reggae, R&B, rap, psych, and more. This year was headlined by surfer and singer-songwriter Jack Johnson alongside the one and only Snoop Dogg (heard of him????). 

Steel Pulse took the stage on Friday afternoon -- right at the Golden Hour, we might add 😍 -- with our shades on proud display. And then every single team member at Bomber HQ collectively fainted. 

After that, Steel Pulse headed to Honolulu, Hawaii to absolutely melt the sold-out Blaisdell Arena with the music group Common Kings and a selection of special guests. They rocked their Bomber faves while shredding on guitar for a sold-out arena. (And then everyone at Bomber HQ fainted again.) 

We've been in the game for almost 30 years now (wow!) but it still blows our minds anytime we see Someone Famous™️ wearing our shades. We're so happy to have you all along for the ride, and Steel Pulse, if you see this -- HELLO AND MAHALO!!! Our house is "Your House" if you ever feel like swinging by :) 

Check out our reel on Instagram here. (Yes, it's a fan video, and we know we're ~those fans~, and we're still freaking out.) 


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