Bomber Rx: The Prescription Lenses You've Been Looking For

A few months ago, we released the long-awaited option to add prescription lenses to your favorite Bomber frames. Since then, we've streamlined the process and made it easier than ever to invest in Bomber safety glasses and sunglasses that work as hard as you do.

Today, we're taking a deep dive into Bomber Rx: how the program works, how to get your prescription to our team, and all the customization options you can add to your glasses. 

I love Bomber Eyewear, but I need sunglasses with prescription lenses. How do I get started? 

Through Bomber Rx, you can order prescription variations of your favorite Bomber glasses styles. To get started, visit Choose from your favorite Bomber frames to start the customization process. 

This will launch the helpful builder feature, where you can upload your prescription, change the color of your lenses, and add any custom features you're interested in. 


Can I get prescription safety glasses, too?

Right now, Bomber Rx is available for 10 of our most popular styles: 

Our Ahi, Boogie, Butter, Mana, Mega, and Tiger Bomb safety glasses are also available in ANSI Z87+ certified safety lenses. For prescription safety eyewear you can use on the job, choose the Clear lens feature, then add any safety features you're interested in as well, like anti-fog and scratch resistant treatments. 


What if I want prescription sunglasses in a different color?

This is where customization comes in! 

The builder will take you through all the different customizations available for your favorite Bomber frames, starting with the type of prescription you need. 

  • Prescription type (Single Vision or Progressive)
  • Material type (Polycarbonate, Trivex, or High Index)
  • Lens features (where you can have the builder design lenses for you based on your favorite activities, or design your own based on the style of lens you want)
    • This is where you can add polarized or transition lenses! 
  • Coatings (Anti-reflective, Anti-fog, and Scratch Protection)


How do I get my prescription to your team?

That's the very next step in the building process! You can upload a photo of your glasses prescription right into the builder. If you don't have a hard copy of your prescription, you can finish ordering your glasses and sign up for a reminder. We'll reach out to ask for your prescription before we get started on your order, so you have plenty of time to check in with your optometrist. 

It's important to note that we can't finish your safety glasses with prescription lenses until we have your prescription on file! Make sure you send it our way as soon as possible to limit the risk of production or shipping delays. 


Can I use my vision insurance for custom prescription safety glasses? 

Yes! Bomber Rx allows for payments with flexible spending account (FSA) and health savings account (HSA) cards.

When it comes to insurance, while Bomber Rx is considered "out of network" for most vision insurance providers, you may be eligible for some form of reimbursement depending on your plan. When you check out, be sure to keep an itemized receipt of your purchase to share with your vision insurance company. 

You can check out more details about our insurance policies (and pick up an insurance reimbursement form for most major insurance providers) on our insurance FAQ page.


Wow, that was easy! 

And that's it! All Bomber Rx orders come with free shipping and free returns, so if your prescription changes or there's an issue with your order, we can easily make it right. 

You asked, and we listened -- we've been hard at work making sure Bomber Rx offers the best prescription sunglasses and safety glasses on the market. 




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