Bomber-Inspired Home Workouts


Sick of your home workout routine? Give these Bomber-approved exercises a try, perfect for working up a sweat in your living room, and all inspired by our Bomber best-sellers! 

For best results, know your limits. If you're unsure about starting a new workout routine, or recovering from an injury, always check in with your doctor first before you try something new! 


Warm-Up: 10-15 minutes

Cat-Cow Stretches

Inspired by: STRANGE

For this warm-up pose, you'll have to twist into some pretty STRANGE positions! Start in a tabletop position on your hands and knees, keeping your back flat. Breathe in as slowly as possible, arching your back (like a cat) and dropping your head down so it hangs loose. As you breathe out, bend back the other way, dropping your stomach and elevating your chest while pulling your chin up and back. Alternate between "cats" and "cows" for at least ten rounds, aiming to extend your in-breath and out-breath until they're even.

Cat-Cow stretches are popular because they force your body to change up the way it focuses on blood flow. The bend and stretch in your spine activates the muscles in your back and shoulders, acting as a nice, gentle warm-up for your whole body. 


Dance It Out

Inspired by: BOOGIE

Who doesn't love a good old-fashioned dance party? BOOGIE it out by putting on your favorite pump-up tunes and dancing around your space. For a more cardio-focused dance routine, consider jogging in place or adding in a square dancing move (I'm partial to the Cotton-Eyed Joe, myself). 

Dancing is a great way to get the heart pumping and your breath rate up. Plus, it's proven to lift your mood! If you're looking for something a little more intense for your warm-up, try a lower-octane HIIT (high intensity interval training) routine, making your time limit the length of the song. You'll get your heart rate up in no time! 


Jumping Jacks

Inspired by: (Jumping) JACO

Jumping Jacks are a tried-and-true facet of personal training sessions, outdoor workouts, and living room cardio boosts alike. This age-old exercise combines the exercise of jumping with the burn of extending your arms and legs -- and you'd be surprised how quickly you run out of breath! 

For a true warm-up, you should aim to do as many jumping jacks as possible in the space of one to two minutes. This is a good way to increase your heart rate and get oxygen flowing to your brain. Plus, jumping jacks warm up just about every muscle in your arms and legs, getting your whole body ready for the real workout. 

Workout: 20-30 minutes

Tiger, Tiger

Inspired by: TIGER

The Tiger, Tiger is a popular routine that's gone viral online a few times over the years. The set includes 20 slow climbers, 10 squats, 20 plank arm raises, 5 knee push-ups, 10 bridges, and 10 lunges, completed at least three times with two minutes of rest in between each set. (I'm already sore!) Alternatively, the Tiger, Tiger can be turned into a HIIT routine by completing the set as many times as possible in 30 minutes.

Sets like Tiger, Tiger are good for you because they rely on short bursts of intensity from your body. Rather than pushing yourself to the limits for the full thirty minutes of your workout, you give yourself the occasional rest. This increases your blood flow and metabolism without sending your heart rate skyrocketing too far -- and completing a victory set can make you feel as strong as a tiger! 



Inspired by: MEGA

We couldn't make a work-out list without burpees! These have a silly name, but you won't find them silly at all after your first rep. Burpees are a great way to give your whole body a MEGA workout, since they exercise just about every muscle in your body (particularly, your arms, legs, and core). To do a burpee right, start in a squat position and lower your hands to the floor in front of you. Kick out your legs until you're in a high plank, then lower down for a full pushup. On the way back up, jump your legs back to their starting position, then jump straight up in the air with your arms up over your head. Land back in your starting squat and start the whole thing over again. 

If that sounds like a lot -- you're right. Burpees are a calisthenics exercise, which means they use your body weight for resistance rather than an exterior aid like a weight or a wall. The focus here is on building muscle and endurance in all parts of your body -- no such thing as Leg Day when you're doing burpees! 



Inspired by: STINK

I put Planks on the list because, at the end of the day, they're just really freaking good for you. However, no personal trainer or fitness coach can claim they've never had a client groan when they announced it was time for planks. Let's face it: Until you build up muscle in your arms and core, planks STINK! (Yeah, we know we're reaching with that one. Just go with it.) 

Planks are good for you because they're versatile and they rely on core strength. A plain plank is similar to a push-up (you know, with more emphasis on the "up" and less on the "push"). They're also easy to adapt for scaled difficulty or for injuries. To kick it up a notch, try a side plank, putting all the weight on one arm while you stretch the other overheard. If you're in recovery mode, drop your knees for a supported half-plank. The choice is yours! 

Cool Down: 10-15 minutes

Salsa Swivels

Inspired by: LABOMBA

You've finished your main exercise, and now it's time to cool down. Salsa Swivels are a great way to add some fun into the mix. Put on your favorite tune (LABOMBA, anyone?) and practice those swivels! Start by standing tall with your torso and hips facing forward. Then, step out your right leg and "swivel" your hip like you're salsa dancing. Repeat this ten times on the right side, then ten times on the left. Then, nine times on the right and nine times on the left, and so on and so forth until you get down to one, at which point -- you're doing the Salsa, baby! 

This exercise is a great choice not only because it's a lot of fun, but it's a great way to keep your heart rate up while you're starting to calm down your breathing and get into the cool-down phase of your workout. I recommend it at the beginning of your cool-down since it's still going to keep you moving. Add in some flair with dancer's arms -- and let the music carry you away! 


Yoga Flows

Inspired by: MANA

Yoga flows are a great way to slow down the body after a tough workout. They let you tune in to the MANA of the world around you while also slowing your heart rate and breathing. That's not to say yoga can't kick your butt -- I've been to enough heated classes to know it's not for the faint of heart! However, a simple flow like a Sun Salutation A can be a great way to tell your body it's time to slow down. 

Yoga is so good for you that I could write an entire book on the practice. The short version is that yoga stretches are some of the best exercises you can do to improve balance and blood flow. Here's a hint: If you have trouble sleeping, try 10-15 minutes in Legs Up The Wall pose. This increases blood flow to your brain and improves circulation throughout the rest of your body. Plus, getting your feet above your head gives your body comforting signals that it's time for rest and relaxation. 


Child's Pose

Inspired by: GROM

Yup, more yoga! Can you judge me, though? When you're at the end of your workout and you're ready to turn in, spending a couple minutes in Child's Pose (or, in surfer lingo, GROM Pose) is an excellent way to reconnect with your body, check in to see if anything feels sore, and spend a few breaths enjoying your after-workout endorphins. 

Because the position forces our thighs to press into our stomachs, Child's Pose acts as a sort of full-body hug for our internal organs. This is good for (you guessed it) improving blood flow, especially when you come out of the posture. If you're having trouble getting comfortable, try a wider stance with your big toes touching together and your knees further out on the floor. (This extended version is often called "Tadpole.") It's a lot easier on your lower back and stomach, especially if you had a big lunch. 

Whether you're trying something new or you've been a home work-out pro for years, we hope these Bomber-inspired exercises help you mix it up a little. If you try those Salsa Swivels, let us know on Instagram! Don't forget to tag us (@bombereyewear) and use the hashtag #bombereyewear to make sure we see it! 




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