Bomber Gift Guide 2.0: Themed Gift Packages (Featuring Your Favorite Glasses, Of Course!)

By now, we hope you've had a chance to check out Bomber Eyewear's 2021 Holiday Gift Guide. But if you're still looking for the best gifts for Mom, the best gifts for Dad, or the best gifts for your weird neighbor down the street who may or may not be turning up for the annual Christmas cul-de-sac party (you know who you are), we've got you covered.

These themed gift packages are perfect for that person in your life who's found their ~vibe~ (or if you want to create someone's ~vibe~ for them, these are great gift-wrapped hints). 

Let us know what you think, and be sure to show off your holiday faves on Instagram @bombereyewear! (#bombereyewear


The Best Gifts for People Who Like to Build Stuff

  • Safety Glasses to keep those peepers safe and secure. We recommend the ever-popular BUZZ Bomb, tried-and-true BOOGIE Bomb, or the brand-new MAGNUM and CLUTCH
  • A Magnetic Wristband for holding all those odds and ends. Like this one, which holds onto nails, screws, nuts, and bolts (and probably, like, paper clips or whatever). 
  • Noise-Canceling Headphones for workshop days where the buzz saw and sander couldn't be any louder. Bonus points if they're Bluetooth-enabled for easy phone calls and podcastin'. 
  • A Space Heater to keep their hands and feet warm when it's workshop time in the dead of winter (a GREAT option for anyone on a budget!)


The Best Gifts for Winter Sports Fans

  • Sunglasses That Double As Snow Goggles. Like the MAGNUM, because that's literally why we designed them. (The BUZZ is also a good option for people who love the oversized look but want a more classic design!) 
  • A Cozy Hat and Glove Set that's warm enough to keep them toasty but versatile enough to allow for ease of movement on the slopes.
  • A Huge Pack of Hand Warmers to slip into the aforementioned hat and gloves (and socks) for those freezing trips up the ski lift.
  • An Epic Pass, which is a universal pass to more than 60 ski resorts around the US. (A bit of a budget buster, but when you love 'em, you love 'em.) 


The Best Gifts for Surfers

  • Stylish Floating Sunglasses so they never lose their gear to the waves. We have so many to choose from, it's like we designed our whole business around them! 
  • Comfortable, Functional Ear Plugs for loud music and crashing waves alike. Prevent swimmer's ear, protect your hearing, and feel like a Secret Service agent all at the same time. 
  • Surfboard Wax in a variety of temperatures and styles. Good, reliable wax is an excellent stocking stuffer that won't burn a hole in your wallet! 
  • To round out a more robust gift, combine your gift wax with some accessories like Wax Remover or a Wax Comb


The Best Gifts for Teenagers (Who Are Way Too Cool for Gifts)

  • Fashion-Forward Sunglasses in a fun color, like our new Green BUZZ Bombs or the classic aviator STRANGE
  • A Portable Charger for their all-important iPhone. Bonus points if it's a really cool-looking one, or comes with bonus features like extra charging ports or solar charging. 
  • A Disposable Camera for capturing memories with that ~vintage~ aesthetic. (And yes, to Gen A, the 90s are considered vintage. We know, it hurts us too.)
  • Something Comfy. Whether that's sweatpants, a really cozy Beanie, fuzzy socks, or even a decorative throw pillow, cuddly gifts are a great option for the teen who will pretend this gift is beneath them and then use it literally every day. Not that we're speaking from experience or anything. 


The Best Gifts for Kids Who Never Play Inside

  • Kid-Sized Sunglasses for Smaller Noggins. We designed the GROM Bomb for our groms and grommettes running around California, so we know this kid-approved style is a great choice for the little dudes.  
  • An All-Weather Jacket that's cozy enough to stay warm, but lightweight enough that they won't shed it the second they're out of Mom's sight. Bonus points if it's super freaking cool and has, like, the Avengers on it.
  • A Water Bottle They'll Actually Use. This can be a cheap Nalgene picked up from your local camping store, but make it portable with a clip-on carabiner and make it personalized with some hilarious (kid-friendly) stickers. 
  • A Family Activity like a trip to a trampoline park, treetop ropes course, paintball course, or even something crazy like fencing lessons! Kids love the chance to do something off the wall (and maybe legally smack their siblings). 


The Best Gifts for People Who Have Everything

  • Obviously, Sunglasses. Even if they already have ten pairs, you can never go wrong with another. Sunglasses are one of those gifts that keeps on giving -- they don't break the bank, they look good on everyone, and they never disappoint. 
  • Honestly, a Gift Card. If you don't know what to get for the hardest people to shop for on the planet, get something small (like some Clearance Sunnies or an Accessory or two) and pair it with a low-dollar-figure gift card. That way, your giftee has something to open during the holiday festivities, but they're able to shop for something they'll actually want and use. 


Long story short, we're a sunglasses company, so we're obviously going to say that sunglasses are the best gift for everyone. But it's not like we're wrong 😏

We want to see what's under the tree this year! Show off your favorite holiday gifts on Instagram @bombereyewear, especially if they involve our stuff (#bombereyewear) or just, like, really cool Chia Pets. 

Happy Holidays, Bomb Squad! 




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