Body Postivity Month: Summer Vibes and Self-Love

photo: Musashi Flores

This summer, we're all about sharing the love at Bomber Eyewear. June is officially Body Positivity Month here at Bomber, and we're kicking off the party with our first edition: Self-Love and Self-Affirmations. 

Why Body Positivity?

If you know us, you know we LOVE to shake what our mommas gave us. And that means celebrating bodies of all shapes and sizes! As summer arrives and we get closer to the awesomeness of the Before Times, many of us are stepping out into the sun for the first time in... let's just say "a while"! 

To that end, there's always so much talk about "building the perfect summer body" or getting rid of the "Quarantine 15". We say -- to hell with that. Celebrate the summer with us by celebrating YOU! 

This week, we're starting the Summer of Self-Love. 

What is Self-Love?

Basically, Self-Love means being good to yourself. It's celebrating all the things that make you YOU, whether that's your personality, your eye color, your laugh, or your favorite meal to share with friends.

Bomber Eyewear is a people-first brand. We're totally addicted to our community, and we love to spread positivity everywhere we go. That's why we're focusing on celebrating YOU -- and getting you in on the party, too! 

Practicing self-love means taking care of yourself, getting in touch with your own well-being, and acknowledging your general bada$$ery. It has nothing to do with being narcissistic or self-absorbed, and everything to do with honoring yourself and your journey. (That's kinda what we're all about here at Bomber!)

How do I practice Self-Love?

Let's get into the good stuff! Self-Love can be challenging for some people, especially when you spend your day worrying about everyone else. Taking time for yourself might feel indulgent or selfish, but one of the very first things you learn during the practice of Self-Love is that it's okay -- more than okay, NECESSARY! -- to take time for you. 

Practicing Self-Love involves doing things you like, taking steps for mindfulness, celebrating the things you love about yourself, and finding meaningful connections with others that fill your social battery instead of draining it. 

Just a few of the ways you can practice Self-Love include: 

  1. Practicing affirmations (we'll get to those in a second!). 
  2. Cooking a meal you absolutely adore. 
  3. Taking a few minutes a day to listen to music and ~vibe out~. 
  4. Surrounding yourself with people who love, encourage, and inspire you. (Bye-bye, toxic friendships!) 
  5. Celebrating your wins, from the big stuff to the little stuff. 
  6. Following your passions.
  7. Saying "thank you" to your body for all it does every day. 
  8. Treating others with respect, love, and kindness. 
  9. Embracing everything that makes you different. 
  10. Stepping out of your comfort zone to find a new adventure. 

New to Self-Love? Try out these affirmations...

No matter how busy or stressed you are, you always have time for affirmations. Try these on for size -- if you don't have time to repeat them to yourself a few times a day, write them out on postcards or sticky notes and decorate your office, bathroom, or everyday spaces with them.

(For bonus points, hide them in places Future You will never expect -- the pockets of your favorite Fall jeans, inside a boot, on top of those cleaning supplies you only need once a month -- you get it!) 

  1. "I love myself."
  2. "My imperfections are what make me unique." 
  3. "I am here to celebrate myself." 
  4. "I am a badass." 
  5. "My own love is the best kind of love."
  6. "There is no one in the world like me." 
  7. "I am proud of who I am, and I am proud of who I'm becoming."
  8. "I am beautiful, inside and out."
  9. "I carry sunshine with me wherever I go." 
  10. "Today is a good day to celebrate ME." 

Wherever the summer may take you, your Bomber fam is here to support you. We're delighted to have such a wonderful, inclusive, and collaborative community, and we hope you all know how much we love hearing from you! 

Be sure to share your summer adventures on social, and don't forget to tag us @bombereyewear and #bombereyewear on Instagram.

Enjoy the summer vibes! 🤙




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