Body Positivity Month: The Power of Compliments

Welcome back to Body Positivity Month with Bomber Eyewear! 

Today, we're celebrating one of the best ways to make others smile -- the power of compliments! A truly genuine compliment can turn a frown into a smile, add a glow to someone's face, and make others feel wonderful about themselves. 

Why do we like compliments?

So you know that feeling, when you're rocking your Bomber shades, REALLY feeling your new swimsuit, and enjoying the summer sun? Then, someone tells you they love your look -- and your day gets even better.

It's a proven fact: Compliments freakin' rock. Both giving and receiving compliments make us feel good as humans. According to Science™️, we have a similar brain reaction to receiving a good compliment as we do to receiving a big bundle of cash.  

The best part is that we get this same feeling from GIVING compliments, too! That means you can make your day better -- and the day of those around you -- with a simple, well-thought-out compliment. 

How to give a genuine compliment

This month's theme is Body Positivity, and the best sense of self-love comes from within. Body positive compliments can go a long way toward improving one's self-image, but more importantly, the power of giving compliments on our non-physical attributes can do miles of work toward improving someone's feelings of self-worth. 

Now, everybody loves to hear, "I love your dress!" or "You look great today!" but think about the last time someone gave you a really well-placed compliment. There's a reason "I loved the way you led that meeting, you really showed our clients you know what you're talking about!" hits so much harder than "Good job." 

There are three parts to a good compliment: 

  1. Earnestness. A good compliment is one that you mean -- and it shows when it's genuine! 
  2. Creativity. We can do so much better than "cool shoes", can't we? Call out something unique and special about someone you love, like their ability to make others laugh or their unexpected talents at bowling. (You never know!)
  3. Specificity. Finally, finding something specific to the person you're complimenting is a sure way to make their day. Especially if you're able to narrow in on something they're proud of, getting to the specifics will add a layer of "Aww, thanks!" to your complimenting prowess. 


Here at Bomber Eyewear, we have the best and most connected community out there. We're so delighted to have awesome, wonderful, delightful, incredible people like YOU! (See how kick-butt we are at giving compliments?)

Wherever your positivity takes you, we hope you'll bring Bomber Eyewear along for the ride. Share your adventures and #BomberBodyPositivity on Instagram @bombereyewear! 


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