Back to the Community: Bomber Represents at Sean Fleming Memorial Golf Tournament!

It's another month and another opportunity to highlight our magnificent nonprofit partners. This May, the Bomber team has been overjoyed to join forces with the Sean Fleming Memorial Scholarship Fund.  

What is the Sean Fleming Memorial Scholarship Fund? 

The Sean Fleming Memorial Scholarship was founded in 2011 and is awarded each year to a student at Allan Hancock Fire Academy who displays all the characteristics and drive it takes to be a firefighter. This scholarship has been awarded to numerous and outstanding firemen who currently serve local communities up and down the central coast of California.

Sean Fleming was a member of the Vandenberg Firefighters Local F-116 union in Santa Barbara County, California. Known for his dedication to training and mentoring his fellow firemen, Sean was a not only a gifted firefighter and hotshot, but also a fire paramedic, captain, Helitack expert, water rescue swimmer, and program coordinator for training and events throughout the California firefighting community. Tragically, Sean lost his life sea kayaking on June 9th, 2010.

In his honor, members of the Vandenberg Firefighters Local F-116 set up the Sean Fleming Memorial Scholarship fund to pay homage to Sean's legacy and the commitment he displayed to his community every day. 

This year, the Bomber team had the delight of participating in the Vandenberg team's Sean Fleming Memorial Golf Tournament 2022 to benefit the scholarship fund. Sponsorship is just half the fun, so we had an amazing time entering the tournament (and laughing at each other, because golf isn't exactly one of Bomber HQ's strong points). It was an honor to work with the Vandenberg team and support such a fantastic cause in Sean's memory. 

"The tournament was a success," said organizer Vincent Culliver. "We raised over $14K [across] 36 teams. No one won the 'hole in one' car prize, but Bomber safety eyewear were raffled off to help raise money for the event. We will be donating $1,000 to a cadet at Allan Hancock Fire Academy this year! We look forward to next year when we do it all again on the first Monday in April."

Thanks so much to the entire Vandenberg team for bringing us in on this one-of-a-kind event! We had so much fun and we were so glad to support the cause -- and we can't wait to do it all over again next year! 

Where To Find the Sean Fleming Memorial Scholarship Fund

You can find more information about the Sean Fleming Memorial Scholarship on the Allan Hancock College Foundation's Website. We also recommend checking out the Fire Technology program at Hancock!


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