Another Year 'Round the Sun: A Thanksgiving Note from Tommy & Jamerien!

Another year in the books and what can we say? We're more grateful than ever for the Bomber community. 

Every year this wild crew of ours continues to bless and impress. In 2022, as thousands of small businesses like ours around the country have figured out a "new normal" (ugh, will we ever stop using that term?!), we're honored and inspired by the way our community keeps! Showing! Up! 

You're our people for a reason, and we're beyond happy to have you here.

This has been a wild year for us for so many reasons -- we brought on a brand new style in the MAGNUM, we (finally!!!) got to see your gorgeous smiling faces at events around the country, and we rolled out new and improved offerings online and in-person that connect the important folks (you) with the best deals and products we can provide as our way of giving thanks. 

Each year, we take the time around Thanksgiving to look back at where we've been and set our focus on where we're going: and like we keep saying, we just could not be where we are today without all of you amazing people who've made it possible.

The Bomber Eyewear community is so much more than just some people who like sunglasses. Our community is in the way we keep showing up: At events, to show our support for each other. Online, in supportive comments and "hell yeah"s on social media. And in the store, where your purchases help us keep this rockin' and rollin' train in motion, and allow us to create new and improved moments, products, and programs that keep this incredible community connected. 

It's never just been about the sunglasses. 

And like we say every year, we just need to throw a huge THANK YOU your way for sticking with us -- month after month, sale after sale, event after event, and year after year.

2022's another one for the history books, and we can't wait to see what we do next.

After all, we're not worried! You know why?

Because we know YOU will be there with us! 

Sending you all our love from the Bomber HQ Thanksgiving table,

Tommy, Jamerien, and the whole Bomber team 


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