A Real-Life Close Shave: Why We ALWAYS Tell You To Wear Your Safety Glasses

All right, squad, it's time for some serious talk. 

We can get pretty silly here, but we just got an intense reminder of why we do what we do. Bomber Eyewear is an eye-PROTECTION team first, and that's never been more true than for Brian Messenger and his wife Jessica. 

Back in February, Jessica and Brian were out on the dunes in Glamis, California, when they stopped for a routine check of their dune buggies. Brian leaned down to refill the buggy's tires, and out of nowhere the tire's bead lock rim detached from its welds and exploded into Brian's face, blasting scraps of metal and plastic into his eyes and the entire right side of his face -- at a force of 20.3 psi! 

Brian had life-threatening injuries and needed to be airlifted out of the dunes, but ever since the accident he and Jessica have pointed to one small miracle. 

If Brian hadn't been wearing his PIPE Bombs, there's an extreme chance he could have lost his right eye -- or worse. 

"First I would like to thank you guys for designing a pair of safety sunglasses that ultimately saved his eye and possibly his life!" Jessica told us in an Instagram DM. "It's hard to think what could have happened, had he not been wearing his glasses." 

According to Jessica, the craziest part is that Brian's PIPE Bombs were found about 50 feet away from the explosion... "There's not ONE SINGLE scratch or crack on the glasses!!!" she said. "EVERYONE is amazed that he still has his eye and we've credited Bomber Eyewear for that blessing." 

Jessica and Brian have kept the pair of wonder-shades as a "show piece," sharing with others how critically important it is to wear eye protection on and off the job.

"We haven't cleaned the sand off yet," Jessica said. "To show the real deal." 

Check out the full story on our Instagram here. Full warning, some of the pics of Brian's recovery get pretty gnarly. We are so glad that Brian is okay and that we were able to play some small part in his recovery! 

At Jessica's request, we're sharing the Messengers' story with the world as an extremely important PSA -- the two seconds it takes to slip on a pair of shades might just save your eye someday, and possibly save your life!




Y'all, we're still pretty shaken up -- but we are so proud to do what we do. Huge mahalo to Jessica and Brian, and we wish Brian the speediest recovery on earth!





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