Bomber Eyewear to Be a Sponsor at Buffalo’s Big Board Surfing Classic

February 12 2016 0

Bomber CEO Tommy "the Bomber" Bonacci & Daisy , Makaha Beach

Bomber Eyewear is proud to be a sponsor of the 40th anniversary of Buffalo’s Big Board Surfing Classic, to be held at Makaha Surfing Beach in Hawaii from February 13th through the 21st, 2016.  This annual competition represents the world’s greatest Hawaiian cultural surfing event, and is sure to be jam-packed with fun and excitement for spectators and participants alike.

The Big Board Surfing Classic runs over 5 days, and encompasses 14 divisions:

  • Two-person Team Beach Boy-style Surfing
  • Legends 60 and over Surfing
  • SUPsquatch
  • Alai’a Division
  • Foreign Division
  • 250 pounds and over Division
  • Men’s Surfing
  • Women’s Surfing
  • Bully Board
  • Bully Board Tandem
  • Team Body Board
  • Tandem Surfing
  • Paipo Board Surfing
  • Canoe Surfing

On the 22nd of February, the event will wrap up with a huge awards ceremony celebrating the participants and Hawaiian surfing culture.  Throughout the event, sponsors will have a chance to run mini-contests to help promote their brands and products, and Bomber will be there in force cheering on the contestants.  With so many divisions and watercraft, there’s truly something for everyone who enjoys spending time in the water.

As a nod to Hawaiian surf culture, anyone who participates in the surfing events wearing the traditional Hawaiian-style malo (a wrapped loincloth) will receive a free pass.  Go on, show your stuff! 

Bomber Eyewear has been supporting watermen and outdoor adventurers since 1997, when the company was founded by Tommy “The Bomber” Bonacci.  An accomplished pro Jet Ski racer (and 5-time World Champion in the discipline), Tommy began crafting safety glasses lined with comfortable foam for himself and for friends in the construction industry.  The surfing community quickly adopted the glasses, propelling Tommy to expand his business. Now, Bomber is a major player in the sports eyewear industry, producing dozens of styles that blend fashion, technology, and comfort into one attractive package. It is still a family-owned and operated organization, too. Each pair features the brand’s signature soft-fit foam technology which has a dual benefit:  the sunglasses are comfortable for all-day wear, and the glasses float if inadvertently dropped in the water. 

Bomber doesn’t stop there, though. Each pair of sunglasses offers hard protective lens coatings to help fend off scratches and abrasions that can compromise clear vision.  Many of the sunglass styles feature polarized lenses for unrivaled clarity on the water, effectively cutting glare and improving contrast.  As a nod to the company’s heritage, Bomber Eyewear produces a line of safety glasses in several styles.  All feature ANSI Z87+ lens safety ratings and come with the foam liners the brand originated back in the 90s.

Bomber is proud to be able to give back to the sports that helped the company achieve its success.  By sponsoring amateur and pro athletes like those participating in the Buffalo’s Big Board Surfing Classic, they can help defray some of the costs the athletes face when traveling to and competing in events.  And, the brand is able to connect with new customers at these events, helping to expand the operation.  This year’s Surfing Classic event promises to offer something for everyone, all held at one of the legendary breaks the Hawaiian Islands have to offer.  Look for our Bomber tent, and we’ll see you there!