Bomber Eyewear 365 Days A Year. 2016 Calendars Now Available.

We are a fun-loving crew here at Bomber Eyewear – there’s nothing we like more than spending time in or on the water with our friends and family.  We are passionate about watersports like surfing, jet ski racing, paddleboarding, and fishing, and our performance-oriented sunglasses complement the active lifestyle perfectly.

The Bomber Eyewear 2016 Calendar captures the essence of what makes us tick.  Available in two versions: one dedicated to action sports, and the other dedicated to our beautiful model/athletes.  Both calendars are filled with stunning photographs -- many captured by our dear friend and photographer, Jeff "Mana" Walthall (aka Mana Photo Hawaii), showcasing our floating sunglasses and the lifestyles we love the most.  Beautiful models, beautiful locales, and a whole lot of fun are captured in these glossy, full size wall calendars – perfect for dreaming about a sunny beach day when you’re caught up in the winter blues!




Our eyewear is the ideal accessory for spending time in the outdoors.  We’ve sweated the technical details to bring our customers the most durable, the most comfortable, and the most affordable sports sunglasses on the planet.  With our patented soft-fit foam linings, you don’t have to worry about dropping your sunglasses in the water; our sunglasses float.  That high-quality, non-toxic EVA foam lining also makes our eyewear supremely comfortable for all-day wear on the water, no matter what activity you’re into.   And, that same patented lining helps to reduce dry eye while adding non-slip qualities to the sunglasses.  Our performance eyewear will stay in place, whether you’re ripping big waves in Oahu or challenging your friends to a Jet Ski race along the coast of California.

Of course, we don’t skimp on the lenses.  Many of our styles come in polarized lens models, and every pair features hard coatings to ward off scratches along with a UV-absorbing layer to protect against the damaging rays of the sun. You have to protect your eyes if you spend time outdoors, and Bomber sunglasses are the best way to do that.

We know a thing or two about how important protective eyewear is when pursuing an active lifestyle.  Our founder, Tommy “The Bomber” Bonacci, is a 4-time world champion Jet Ski racer.  He got the idea for the soft-fit foam lining way back in 1997 when he grew tired of the pinching and redness he experienced with his safety glasses.  Tommy worked construction jobs in the racing off-season, and by crafting his own glasses lined with discarded foam traction pads from his Jet Ski, he found the perfect solution.  Soon, his friends in the construction business got wind of Tommy’s comfortable, non-slip safety glasses, and they wanted their own pairs.  Not long after that, watersports enthusiasts flocked to the fledgling company – from surfers to wakeboarders and fellow racers, everyone wanted their own pair of Tommy’s glasses. At first, Tommy sold the glasses out of the back of his truck, but as demand grew, he realized he had a great business on his hands.

Fast-forward nearly 20 years, and Bomber Eyewear can be found on faces around the world.  With so many styles, colors, and lenses to choose from, our performance-oriented sunglasses can be found on kiteboarders in Israel, wakeboarders in Belgium, surfers in Hawaii, Costa Rica, and California, and literally hundreds of other places.  In keeping with the origins of our company, we still produce safety glasses with the same foam linings that gave us our start. Our eyewear is perfect for those who love spending time on the water, offering incredible comfort, optical clarity, and tremendous value.   Our company also offers a wide range of sports apparel and accessories to complement the active lifestyle

The Bomber Eyewear 2016 Calendar is a great addition to your home or office walls. With the brilliant photographs and the exotic locations our photographers captured, it is easy to get whisked away to an island vacation, even if you’re stuck where the sun doesn’t shine. 


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