7 Ways to Make a Memory for Father's Day!

What are you getting Dad for Father's Day?
This year, we're focusing on gifts that help you make a memory: activities, adventures, and moments you can share with the Certified Cool Dads in your life.
Here are seven ways to make a memory this Father's Day!

1. Go somewhere you've never been before. 

There's nothing quite like an adventure with Dad! Start out by choosing a place you've never been before. If you've got a bit of a budget, head somewhere out of town (respecting social distancing rules in your destination, of course!). If you're looking for something closer to home, you can play the Penny Game as a family to decide on where to go. Choose a starting point in your neighborhood or a nearby city, then flip a coin. Heads means you turn left, while tails means you turn right. Each time you reach the end of a block, flip your coin again and keep walking as a family until you find a fun destination! 

2. Try a new sport or hobby. 

Is Dad more into fishing or golf? Grilling or eating out? Find a new sport or hobby that Dad's been dying to try -- and give it a try with the whole family! This can be a great way to get everyone outdoors. Just make sure you're practicing proper summer skincare if you end up somewhere sunny! 

3. Create your own family board game. 

For a more low-key day at home, work together to make your own board game. Pick features from Dad's favorite games (drawing cards, guessing trivia, winning points), and themes from your family adventures (museum trips, soccer, your favorite movies), then combine them into a creative board game you can all play together. Who knows, your game might be your next million-dollar idea!   

4. Whip up an all-star brunch.

Eggs, bacon, English muffins, Cheez Whiz...need we say more?! Nothing hits the spot quite like a big messy brunch -- except maybe not having to clean up afterward. Take some stress off of Dad's plate by cooking up a delicious family meal, and doing the dishes afterward so he can put his feet up. (It's a win-win here: Everyone gets to eat a kick-butt meal!) 

5. Hit the water.

At Bomber Eyewear, you'll find us out in the waves during EVERY holiday. If Dad is the boatin', fishin', jet-skiin', or surfin' type, hit the waves as a family. This can be a great opportunity for kids to learn more about their parents' favorite water sports, and build memories and enthusiasm that become a lifelong passion for the water! 

6. Make your own movie theater.

If movie theaters are still closed in your neighborhood, make your own with some creativity and a little DIY magic. Set up a movie theater in your backyard or living room by connecting a projector to your favorite streaming device. Hang up a plain white sheet as the backdrop for your movie. Then, pop popcorn and grab your favorite movie candy. The key here is letting Dad choose the movie -- even if you've seen it a thousand times before. 

7. Send Dad on a scavenger hunt. 

This one takes a little more preparation, but can be a lot of fun for the whole family. Create a family-focused scavenger hunt for Dad, with clues based on family trivia ("Where did Mom and Dad have their first date?" "What year was Tommy born in?"). Have the clues point to adventures and puzzles along the way, like a picnic lunch, a riddle to solve, or a hurdle to jump before the next clue. At the end of the scavenger hunt, have a fantastic treasure where X meets the spot! (Like that new pair of safety glasses he's been eyeing!) 

Wherever Father's Day takes you this year, the team at Bomber Eyewear is here to make Dad's Day a roaring success. Shop clearance sunnies, snap a family photo, and be sure to tag us in your favorites on Instagram




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