7 Home Date Ideas for the Best Valentine's Day

Still looking for those last-minute home Valentine's plans? We've got you covered. If you've been along with us for a while now, you know we're known for fun, community, and a whole lotta love. At Bomber Eyewear, we're all about bringing people together and celebrating what we love most.

This year, we may be ditching the traditional fancy restaurants and evenings out and about, but that doesn't mean Valentine's Day has to be any less special. In fact, taking a few minutes to show your Valentine you care in a unique and heartfelt way can go so far toward completing those connections we love so much.

Here are 7 home date ideas from the Bomber team, perfect for your Valentine's Day at home. 

1. Fondue for two.

Bust out the fondue pots and create your own decadent night in with cheese fondue for the appetizer, broth or oil-based fondue for dinner, and a delicious chocolate fondue for dessert. Believe it or not, fondue is actually a very cost-effective treat without the price tag of a fancy restaurant. All you need is a couple of pots, all the dipping ingredients you like, and time for the post-fondue food coma! 

2. Create your own picnic.

Who said a picnic needed to happen outdoors? Take the romantic celebrations to the next level with a do-it-yourself picnic. Make all your seasonal faves, stock up on cheese and crackers, and lay out a gingham blanket in the living room. Romance, check!

3. Movie night under the stars.

This one takes a little more preparation, but the results will be worth it. If you’ve got decent weather and an outdoor space to enjoy, set up a movie night using a clean white sheet as your projector screen. Move the pillows and blankets outdoors for a cozy night under the stars, and enjoy your favorite rom-come from the comfort of your truck bed or backyard!

4. Take a virtual dance lesson.

Kick date night up a notch with a virtual dance lesson. Sign up for a private lesson with a dance instructor, or follow a free virtual tutorial on YouTube. Make your date's night with a romantic twirl or two -- and tango your way into the ultimate Valentine's Day!

5. Get dressed to the nines -- and don't go anywhere. 

Even if you’re staying in, you can still get dressed up. Put on your Valentine’s best (with your Valentine, of course) and sit down for a takeout meal at home. Now that you’re all dressed up, pose for your favorite romantic photos — it’ll make your date’s day! (To top off the look, grab a pair of red or pink glasses. Nothing quite says "Valentine's Day" like a themed pair of shades!) 

6. Have a romantic cookoff. 

Challenge your SO to cook your favorite meal while you cook theirs. Split the kitchen and get to work — extra points for deliciousness, presentation, and creativity! Enjoy the time spent cooking together, blast your favorite tunes, and let the garlic and onions fly!

7. DIY a wine tasting session. 

Bust out that corkscrew and a few bottles of wine for a DIY wine tasting worthy of the pros. If you can, find a liquor store or specialty wine seller that offers half-liter bottles — the smaller you can go, the more variety in your tasting! Print out some sommelier tasting sheets online, and wow your date with your knowledge of tannins and botrytis. (Pro tip: Look 'em up before the tasting session so you actually know what you're talking about.)

Wherever Valentine's Day may take you this year, we're glad to have you in our squad. And while we have you, don't forget to shop the Valentine's sale all weekend long for an extra 50% off all sale items




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