5 Winter Eyewear Trends to Look Out For in 2021

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With 2021 off to a chilly start, it's time to set our sights on winter eyewear fashion trends. And of course, what we're most "into" this year is what the style aficionados predict for the world of eyewear! 

2021 is focused on comfort, self-care, and making bold statements. As we fight off the snow and the rain, our eyewear should work as hard as we do. Not just to protect our eyes from the wind and the ice, but to add the perfect touch to any outfit or uniform. 

And if we do say so ourselves, that's exactly what we set out to create at Bomber Eyewear.

Read on for five blossoming winter glasses trends in this year -- as well as some Bomber faves that will make you the standout on the ski slopes.

5 Winter Eyewear Trends to Look Out For in 2021

1. Bold, bright colors to fight off the winter chill.

Who needs boring shades when there are so many colors to try out?! Bright reds, pinks, and blues make a stark contrast against wintry white-outs. And these colors aren't just for the lenses: Bright frames with vibrant patterns make a statement while keeping your eyes protected from sun, wind, and water. 

Pink Gomer Bomb

GOMER bomb

We Suggest: IRIE in Polarized Pink Mirror, SMART in Red Mirror Rasta

2. Oversized lenses that make a statement.

It's not all about wind protection -- but it's awful nice when you can protect your vision and look great at the same time. Classic statement shapes like cat-eyes, oversized lenses, and flat-top "goggle-style" glasses are huge this year. The BUZZ Bomb speaks for itself -- we can't even tell you how fast that style is flying off the shelves! 


We Suggest: The BUZZ Bomb, The LABOMBA Bomb 

3. The complete package: Style AND performance. 

There's no such thing as "just" a pair of sunglasses anymore. This year, we want our money's worth: That's why eyewear that works as hard as its wearer is becoming so popular. At Bomber, that translates to our high-end safety series (which comes with ALL the features you love, but WITHOUT the high-end price tag). Why settle for plain sunnies or safety gear when you can add on anti-fog features, blue light blocking, or polarized lenses? 

We Suggest: The BOOGIE Bomb, The ANTIFOG Series, The BLUE LIGHT Series

4. The devil in the details. 

This year is all about the little details. One of our favorite things to do at Bomber Eyewear is improve on our classics. And for us, that means unleashing new custom series like the ALOHA and MANA series, both of which feature custom frame designs paying homage to the important things in life. (Plus, we know you all love those detachable side guards on the BUZZ Bomb.)

We Suggest: The BUZZ Bomb, The ALOHA Series, The MANA Series

5. Throwbacks to the classics. 

In a year starting with uncertainty, it's no wonder we're turning to our tried and true favorites for memories of years gone by. Classics like aviators are making a major comeback this year, as are traditional "chunky" square-style lenses. Pair with skinny jeans and a fresh pair of Converse All Stars for that classic look. 

JACO Bomb | AHI Bomb

We Suggest: The STRANGE Bomb, The JACO Bomb, The GROM Bomb


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