Surfing Has Gone to the Dogs

September 10 2015 0

Dukes Ocean Fest was quite the success this year but arguably the best event (and definitely the most entertaining to watch) was their newest edition, the SurFUR ComPETition 

After a long week of postponed contest events (due to a looming hurricane) the crowd couldn’t have been more ready to see the one of the most famous surf line-ups go to the dogs…

On August 27th, pets from all over the world took to the Queens surf line-up and competed to be the first ever 4-legged Dukes Ocean Fest winner! But one dog stood above the rest. Capone, a giant English Mastiff, charged the water as soon as it was in sight. Together with his owner, Beau Hayden, they were ripping up the world famous Waikiki beach break. 

It was almost unnatural to see such a large animal so comfortable in the surf. But Capone wasn’t afraid of anything. Even if they wiped out, the mastiff would jump right back on board (pun-intended), ready for more.  

One thing that really showed off Capone’s talent was his ease on the nose of the board. Every surfer knows that hanging 10 toes off the nose is the ultimate way to cruise on a long board. But Capone was hanging off the nose on practically every wave he caught. But what was really impressive was how he dropped in. I’ve seen a lot of things in my surfing years, but it takes a certain kind of talent to drop into a wave already hanging 10… Or is it 8 in this case 

Capone is fearless in the line up. He is always after the biggest waves and loves showing off his classic logging style. During the Duke’s 1st annual ComPETition, Capone got the best waves and looked the most stylish doing so with his bomber shades on the entire time. Apparently, the judges agreed, awarding him 1st place for best tandem surFUR 

2nd Place Kama the Surfing Pig

Everyone who cherishes their sight should use polarized lenses as often as they can. Bomber Eyewear makes it simple, stylish, cheap, and comfortable to do, so you really have no excuses. Even Capone knows how to protect his most valuable assets. His choice of shades are the Gomer Bombs… What are yours?