Bomber Eyewear - The Perfect Shades for Outdoor and Stand Up Paddle Yoga

   pic by waterwoman Vainui Whitman - featured above
The Perfect Shades for Stand Up Paddle Yoga                                                       

Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga is a unique variation of exactly what it’s name implies: doing yoga on a standup paddle board.  While standing or sitting on the stand up paddle board, you’re going to do a combination of various yoga poses – depending on the type of class you attend. Stand up paddle yoga offers you a variety of health benefits. Not only is it a better workout thanks to your need to engage your core for better balance, but it also allows you to enjoy yoga in a tranquil, unique and amazing setting. If you are just a beginner, or an avid stand up paddle yogi, you may find it hard to concentrate on your breathing and poses because the sun is in your eyes or glaring off the water, or because you just lost your favorite pair of sunnies to the bottom of the lake, harbor, ocean, or whatever body of water your practice takes you – while trying to stick your downward dog position. Luckily, Bomber Eyewear has the solution.

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Transition from your standuppaddle board to the water without having to stress about where you're going to put your expensive shades that you don't want to sink into the bottom of the ocean.  Our shades float in water!

  waterwoman Vainui Whitman practicing her Yoga - 'Ocean Series' in Tahiti

     pic by Jeff Mana Walthall - @ManaPhotoHawaii
Bomber shades are ideal for outdoor yoga, especially stand up paddle yoga.
 Yoga Instructor Anabel Miranda from Costa Rica
Our stand up yoga shades offer the wearer a range of benefits including:
  • Polarized Lenses – Our specially designed lenses cut glare and reflections so you are not forced to shield or squint your eyes. The multi-layer composite protects delicate eyes from 99 percent of harmful UV rays.
  • Patented Foam Technology – Our patented foam technology gives our sunglasses a comfortable, non-slip grip. They feel smooth and maintain an even temperature so you feel comfortable wearing them. The foam lining also cause the shades to float if they are dropped in the water – so you never have to worry about losing your favorite pair of sunglasses in the water again!
  • Protection – Our specially designed frames are flexible and offer wrap around protection from debris, water and sun.
Yoga Instructor Anabel Miranda from Costa Rica
If you are looking for a durable yet stylish pair of stand up yoga shades that offers a soft, yet snug, fit and protect your eyes from dust and water, choose Bomber Eyewear. Our wide range of stylish shades for paddle boarding and stand up yoga will not only offer a look you want, but the performance you need.

  Hawaiian tandem surf duo Kalani Vierra & Krystl Apeles

Some of our most popular options for paddle boarding include:

  • IRIE Bombs – Available in a range of frame and lens colors, this pair of shades will protect your eyes while sitting comfortable, yet firmly, on your face.
  • TIGER Bombs – This special pair of shades is available in a feminine tortoise design, yet still delivers on protection and comfort.

Yoga Instructor Anabel Miranda from Costa Rica

When enjoying stand up paddle, yoga in the outdoors, or standup paddle yoga be sure to think about your eyes and how you can best protect them. By wearing Bomber shades you can relax knowing your eyes are fully protected and that you look good.

featuring waterman Mathieu Fouliard from Tahiti




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