Bomber Shades are Super Durable and Flexible

Bomber Shades are Super Durable and Flexible
Just one look and you know that Bomber shades are trendy and stylish. However, you may wonder if these durable and flexible sunglasses can also perform. People enjoying outdoor sports like kayaking, fishing, wake/kitesurfing, jetskiing or stand up paddle boarding need a durable pair of shades that offers maximum protection from UV rays. Bomber Eyewear is proud to meet this demand with our range of stylish yet high performance shades.

Not only do our sunglasses look good, but they are also super durable and flexible. If you need a pair of shades that can withstand all kinds of thrashing, Bomber shades are for you. Many of our customers are moms who talk about how their kids will grab their shades and bend them. Luckily, our shades can take all kinds of beatings from little kiddos without breaking or being damaged. 


Because our shades are so durable you may not believe that they are also comfortable. The team at Bomber has addressed this concern with our patented foam technology. This amazing technology offers:

  • The Ability to Float – Our EVA foam offers the most superior buoyancy, especially when compared with other floating eyewear.
  • Non-Slip Grip – Our non-slip EVA foam essentially converts your shades into strapless goggles. We offer the foam grip that never slips.
  • Premium Eye Protection – We have placed just enough foam at the hinges to keep dust and dry air from getting near your eyes.
  • Comfort - The smoothness and even temperature of the EVA foam creates overall comfort so you can wear your shades longer.

If you are looking for a pair of durable and flexible sunglasses that are also stylish and comfortable, Bomber Eyewear has the answer for you. We are so confident in our product that we offer a Warranty Quality Guarantee. We warrant our shades for a full year from the date of purchase and will be happy to replace a defective pair for free.

Our company has always been focused on creating and offering the best sunglass technology for water sport participants. This ideal was started and continues to be supported by our founder Tommy “the Bomber” Bonacci. Our shades come in several varieties, from fishing to paddling to kids, each offering superior protection and style. Be sure to get your pair so you can enjoy the comfort, durability and flexibility of Bomber Eyewear.




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