Finally a Floating Line of Shades for Kids

Bomber Eyewear Offers Kids Sunglasses

When you are outdoors enjoying a sport like surfing, skiing, paddling, fishing or simply enjoy sunbathing, you wear a pair of shades to shield and protect your eyes. UV-rays can cause long-term damage to eyes that are not protected from the sun or its glare on the water. Though young, children’s eyes are just as susceptible to damage as an adult’s. This means that you should ensure your children are fully protected with a durable, comfortable and protective pair polarized sunglasses.

Bomber Eyewear is proud to provide a line of stylish shades for kids. These youth polarized sunglasses offer the same protection as our adult shades, but are a smaller size to fit the face of a child.

Our range of K-Bombs kids sports sunglasses include:

  • Crystal Blue frame with Mirror PC Lens and Black foam
  • Crystal Green frame with Mirror PC Lens and Black foam
  • Crystal Red frame with Mirror PC Lens and Black foam
  • Crystal Yellow frame with Mirror PC Lens and Black foam
  • Matte Black frame with Mirror PC Lens and Black foam
  • Silver frame with Mirror PC Lens and Black foam

The sleek style of our kid’s protective shades will appeal to both boys and girls. Aside from looking cool, your child’s eyes will be protected from 99 percent of harmful UV-rays that could cause eye damage with our polarized fishing and sports sunglasses. Our wide range of color combinations will fit any style, while our affordable prices will fit any budget.

Your Kids Are Less Likely To Lose Them

Kids are notorious for losing items, such as sunglasses. Luckily, Bomber Eyewear features patented floating foam technology that ensures that if your child drops their sunglasses in the water, they will float instead of sink. This allows you to easily grab them and put them back on.

You do not have to worry about the sunglasses siding off or being uncomfortable either. Thanks to our foam technology, each pair of Bomber shades is comfortable and offers a snug and protective fit. The foam wraps around the shades to provide a completely snug, yet comfortable fit, as well as blog debris, water and sun glare.

When you are looking for a durable pair of shades for your kid that are hard to lose, Bomber Eyewear has the answer. Choose from our wide selection of color combinations to find the right fit for your child and their unique tastes.


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