Why This Hawaiian Waterwoman Chooses Bomber Eyewear

On the beautiful Hawaiian Islands, which I am so lucky to live on, lurks a real killer: the sun! With that blistering ball of fire beating down on us from a usually cloudless sky, eye protection isn’t a luxury; it’s a day-to-day necessity.

I was diagnosed with Pterygium (more commonly known as surfers eye) when I was a teenager, thanks to all the prolonged sun exposure throughout my childhood. All the playing in the surf and sun was already catching up to me and I hadn’t even graduated yet! I had two rather large growths on the inner portion of my eyes that I was told would eventually spread to my cornea and distort my vision for the rest of my life. The only way to prevent any further issues would be by wearing eye protection every chance I could remember, especially while I surfed.

Like most others, I immediately went out to a sunglass store and made the mistake of buying the most expensive pair that I could find. They were polarized, plastic, and beautiful… I fell in love. I wore them everyday for a week. To school, to work, while driving, when at the beach, and pretty much every other second I was in the sun… for a week. Because after the first sizable swell rolled through, they were ripped from my face and sank to the ocean floor, never to been seen by my poor, sunburned eyes again.

After I was out a couple hundred dollars from a single wave, I was on the search for shades that float. I had found a couple of different companies but there was always an issue. My first pair simply wouldn’t stay on my face; the wooden frames were to stiff to be resized and far too big for my face. The second pair I found didn’t actually help the glare. They weren’t polarized and weren’t comfortable. I had all but given up when my brother gave me my first pair of Bomber shades… I quite literally couldn’t believe my eyes!

These glasses were by far the most comfortable shades I had ever worn.

The first thing I noticed was the soft-fit, foam lining that seemed to almost hug my face. I could tell the moment I put them on that Bomber Eyewear was built for comfort and all day use! The fact that they float may be an afterthought to most, but in my daily life, it is a simple function that I can’t believe I lived without for so long.



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