The Official Bomber Eyewear 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Start decking the halls and prepping the eggnog -- we're busting out the 2022 Bomber Eyewear Holiday Gift Guide! This year's styles come in new color choices, lens styles, and more -- all your familiar favorites paired with our latest and greatest options for the ultimate Bomber experience.
Check out our selections for this year's hottest sunglasses to give as gifts and the best safety glasses for the holidays! And be sure to sign up for our emails and text messages -- you'll be the first to hear about all our holiday deals, coming soon!

The BUZZ Bomb

Our most popular style has taken the world by storm -- and for good reason! Ever since its introduction, the BUZZ Bomb has flown off the shelves almost faster than we can keep it in stock. You've shown how much you love these frames, and we love you for it! This year, grab a BUZZ Bomb or two (or three, or seven) for the trend-setter in your life. This stylish, one-of-a-kind lens is sure to make a statement with any outfit! 


As one of our newest styles, the CLUTCH has to be experienced to be believed. Designed to offer maximum coverage alongside maximum comfort, the oh-so-stylish CLUTCH is perfect for the hard worker in your life. Whether your Secret Santa giftee is hitting the highway, the slopes, the gym, or the workshop, the CLUTCH will work as hard as they do.

The SMART Bomb

Look smart in the SMART Bomb -- Bomber Eyewear's answer to the classic square-edged frame. The SMART Bomb pairs traditional style with top-of-class comfort and safety features. Plus, the wide range of colors and lens customizations makes the SMART -- well, just a SMART investment! These shades make an amazing gift for fashionistas and utility-focused friends alike: Grab a pair for your loved one and another for yourself -- you won't regret it! 


As the first Bomber Eyewear style designed specifically to be worn over your prescription lenses, the MAGNUM has been kickin' butt and takin' names ever since its first introduction. The newest frame in the Bomber Eyewear catalogue has more than earned its larger-than-life reputation. Worn as a much more comfortable alternative to a full-coverage goggle, or as an extra safety/sunglass layer between your prescription lenses and the outside world, the MAGNUM is meant for anyone who's ready to get down and dirty -- or just wants to look stylish as hell while they're at it. 

The MANA Bomb

For your best friend, your best friend's best friend, and your best friend's best friend's mom, the MANA Bomb offers the ultimate bridge between style, utility, and comfort -- with a whole lotta love built in. Named in memory of our friend, wildlife and sports photographer Jeff "Mana" Walthall, the MANA Bomb features a classic style that you'll love even more every day you wear yours. This tried and true glasses style is a perfect gift for anyone on the go: The more adventurous you are, the more you'll get out of the MANA Bomb.  


Who doesn't love a classic aviator? This lighter than air style offers a classic style with a modern twist. The STRANGE -- Bomber Eyewear's wire-frame aviator -- is built as light as possible, without our foam lining, so you can hit the road or hit the waves without extra weight. Plus, you can't go wrong with a look like this: The only thing strange about the STRANGE is that we never have any on the shelf! Grab your fashionista friends a pair or two before they're gone -- this gift is ALWAYS a hit. 


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