Bomber Eyewear Introduces New Collection of Polarized Bifocals

photo by: Ikaika Poki


Tommy “the Bomber” Bonacci, founder of Bomber Eyewear, is proud to offer a durable and floatable range of effective sunglasses that customers can enjoy without fear when engaging in water sports. Many people are afraid to wear their sunglasses when engaged in sports because they fear they will lose or break them. With Bomber Eyewear you do not have to worry about that! 

Bomber Eyewear is now proud to introduce a new range of polarized bifocals to our popular and patented line of sunglasses. The new Polarized Bifocal Collection combines the utility of classic bifocals with the eye protection power of polarized lenses. This fusion from Bomber Eyewear is then combined with our patented foam lining technology, giving our new polarized sunglasses the ability to float in case they are dropped in the water. Bonacci is pleased with this latest creation and stated that, “The shades featured in our new Polarized Bifocal Collection bring the benefits of bifocals and polarized lenses together.” The new line of polarized bifocals are an ideal shade option for fishermen. These special bifocals will make tying fishing hooks and knots more easily visible. You will also be able to see fish and tackle better.

Not only limited to fishermen, but anyone needing the aid of bifocals to read or write in the outdoors.  One lifeguard stated,“Makes writing tickets that much easier.  Because now I don’t have to take off my sunglasses to see what I’m doing.” 

Our range of polarized lenses, like the ones in our polarized bifocal fishing sunglasses, are essential to those who spend a lot of time on, in or around the water. The polarized lenses can protect your eyes from serious and long-term eye damage from the sun and water glare. With this new line of sunglasses you can combine all of these benefits of our other awesome shades.

photo by: Vince Cavataio


Why Choose Bomber Eyewear?

Our new sunglasses collection of Polarized Bifocals is the latest line to be released by Bomber Eyewear. Bomber Eyewear is known for focusing our product designs for those who enjoy an active lifestyle. Bomber sunglasses provide a comfortable “Soft Fit” that sits comfortably on the wearer. This makes them ideal for long periods of use while fishing, cycling, boating, paddleboarding or even working in construction.

Bomber Eyewear was founded by four-time World Champion Jet Ski Racer Tommy “the Bomber” Bonacci in 1997. He started the company by making his first pair of floating sunglasses with torn off pieces of foam padding from jet skis. Years later, this family-run company uses its patented foam lining technology to provide water sports enthusiasts, swimmers, fishermen and anyone else eyewear that floats and is comfortable, stylish and highly durable for an active lifestyle by the water.

Bomber Eyewear creator Tommy "The Bomber" Bonacci | photo by: Kris Burke


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