Bomber Eyewear Breaks Into Fishing Scene


The science behind tints and mirror coatings on fishing lenses is complex. Sunglasses for fishermen are specially designed to ensure that the wearer’s eyes are fully protected from the sun and the sun’s glare while enjoying this outdoor sport. Because you want full protection for your eyes, especially if you are an avid fisherman who spends many hours outdoors, you do not want to skimp on your sunglasses. While a cheap pair of sunglasses will keep you from squinting and initially save money, they may not properly block UV rays or offer glare protection. This can lead to eye damage over a period of time. If you are serious about protecting your eyes while enjoying your favorite outdoor sport, choose Bomber Eyewear.

Bomber Eyewear is proud to offer two special types of sunglasses designed specifically for fishermen:

  • Bomber Polarized Smoke Lens – This special pair of sunglasses are meant to be used on bright sunny days. The polarized smoke lens tint reduces the sun’s intense glare on water, whether you are fishing on a lake or the ocean. These fishermen’s sun glasses also offer blue mirror handles.
  • Bomber Polarized Brown Lens – This special pair of sunglasses utilize a special brown tin that contrasts with increased light transmission to provide a greatly reduced glare in warm light conditions. This means that this pair of sun glasses is perfect for use during low light mornings or evenings. If you enjoy fishing as the sun rises or sets, this pair of sunglasses will ensure that you can see better during those specific times.

Polarized sunglasses, like the above, offer an important feature for fishing. Often when fishing the sun will bounce off of the water and glare into your eyes. This can happen at any time of the day and cause eye damage. The glare can also affect your concentration and vision while fishing. If you are serious about fishing with the best special fishing sunglasses, start with a polarized pair of sunglasses that will minimize glare and help you to fish better. It is important to remember that you only get one set of eyes. If you intend on spending long hours outdoors on a lake or fishing off a pier, protect your eyes with a reliable yet affordable pair of Bomber sunglasses. Bomber Eyewear also offers a patented floating technology so you do not lose your shades to the bottom of whatever body of water you are fishing on.

Bomber Eyewear has been offering the best in eye protection for those who enjoy outdoor sports since 1997. Founded by World Champion Jet Ski Racer, Tommy "the Bomber" Bonacci, the team at Bomber Eyewear understands the issues those who participate in outdoor sports face. Because of this, they have been able to develop stylish sunglasses that are effective in protecting eyes from the harmful effects of the sun.


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