15 ways to maximize the lifetime of your sunglasses

The worst part of buying sunglasses is replacing sunglasses -- maybe the ocean ate them, maybe the lenses got so scratched you can't see anymore, maybe you tripped up the stairs and somehow managed to land in just the perfect way to smash them into pieces. We can't really help you with that last one, but trust the glasses experts when it comes to extending the lifetime of your sunglasses.

Today, we've compiled 15 of the top tips from the Bomber team on how to take care of sunglasses -- that way, you can spend all your sunnie money (sorry not sorry) on glasses you actually LIKE instead of replacing the same damn pair of BUZZ Bombs that Joe from Accounting claims he isn't stealing. 

We see you, Joe. We see you. 


15 Ways To Maximize The Lifetime of Your Sunglasses

  1. Store your glasses when you're not using them. Stick 'em in a case to keep 'em safe! 
  2. Invest in high-quality lenses and frames. It's a big up-front investment, but you'll save oodles over time on repair and replacement costs!  
  3. Clean with a cloth, not your shirt. Particularly, try to use a cloth specifically made for screens or glass (or, y'know, glasses). 
  4. Rinse with water before cleaning. The best way to clear away dust and grime! 
  5. Stay away from household cleaners and other chemical cleaners. Unless it's specifically made for glasses, DON'T put it on your glasses. 
  6. Never leave your glasses laying lens-side down. This is the quickest way to get scratches. 
  7. Wash your glasses more often than you think you need to. Even if they're not "dirty", a quick rinse helps your glasses stay clear of dust and other debris. 
  8. And when you're done, air dry! This ties into the whole "don't rub your lenses with a thing that's not supposed to rub glasses" thing, but it's also just a good way to keep weird gunk off your lenses. 
  9. When moving 'em around, hold 'em by the bridge (where your nose goes). This keeps you from bending the frames or legs. 
  10. Designate "the spot" for your glasses. This goes for people working in a shop/construction setting, or anyone who would lose their nose if it wasn't attached to their face. Knowing where your glasses are SUPPOSED to be will help you avoid losing them entirely. 
  11. Store your sunglasses out of the sun. Work with us, here -- there's a difference between wearing sunglasses all day in the bright sun (like you're supposed to) and leaving them out on your dashboard for two weeks (where the frames can bake into a gooey pulp). Not that ours melt, but you know what we mean!
  12. Keep your glasses safe. If you're taking them off at the grocery store, stick 'em in a pocket or a purse instead of hanging them off your shirt. If you're getting active, try a sunglasses cord to keep 'em where they're supposed to be (a.k.a. on YOU, not on the ground). 
  13. Use both hands to take them off and put them on. This one seems silly, but it's the best way to keep from bending your frames. 
  14. Don't wear glasses on top of your head. Looks cool, but this is another frame-bender, particularly if you spend most of your time rockin' a glasses-hat. 
  15. Rotate through a few different pairs. No, we're not just saying that to get you to buy more Bomber gear (but we'd love it if you did!). Having a few different frames to choose from gives the off-rotation glasses a bit of a break -- tired metal can rest (yes, we're serious), keeping your frames from stretching as much as they would with daily use.


Did we miss any great ways to take care of sunglasses? If you've got tried-and-true sunglasses-saving tips that didn't make it on the list, let us know! We love to see what you get up to on Instagram. Don't forget to post your sunnie selfies and tag us @BomberEyewear! 


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