10 (Socially Distant) Fall Activities for the Whole Family

It's officially Fall!! September 22nd marks the first day of Fall, a time where we welcome pumpkin spice and crunchy leaves.

Fall is one of the best seasons for getting out and about. Check out Bomber's collection of Fall activities perfect for a day in the fresh air -- don't forget to pack your sunnies! 

1. Have a fall picnic. 

Pack up your favorite fall recipes and some apple cider and take lunch to the Great Outdoors! Fall is a great time of year for a family picnic. Lay out a blanket, dish out the cider, and spend a day relaxing in the fresh air. 

2. Take a self-guided monument tour.

Is your city home to a historic monument, like a castle or fort? Take a self-guided tour of the grounds to enjoy the Fall weather and unleash your inner history nut. For bonus points, challenge your friends to learn about wherever you're going before the trip -- and see who can out-trivia everyone else!  

3. Hit the river. 

The lower temperatures make autumn a great time to get out on the water. Boating, fishing, and kayaking are great choices for fall. Just be sure to add some extra dry layers once you're off the water! 

4. Climb a mountain. 

Looking to get a great view of the fall foliage? Get above the trees with a hike into the mountains. To get the most out of the weather, head out early in the day or late in the afternoon. Just be sure to be back to your car before the sun sets. 

5. Go Geocaching. 

Geocaching is a fun, outdoorsy way to get an adventure in without leaving your town. "Geocaching" is half scavenger hunt, half hike: People explore their cities, towns, and wooded areas to find caches marked with GPS transmitters. To see if there are any caches in your area, visit the Geocache website!

6. Go "leaf-peeping."

Ever heard of "leef-peeping"? This Fall favorite is the term for traveling to see gorgeous fall colors as the leaves start to change. Find a nearby national park or hike to explore, particularly if it's known for excellent Fall views. 

7. Take a scenic drive. 

If you're looking to see fall colors without leaving your vehicle, you can take the scenic route! Search for fall-focused drives in your area, like Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park or California's Bishop Creek Canyon. Make the most out of your road trip by stopping at tourist traps and monuments along the way. 

8. Try a socially-distanced tailgate. 

For many people, Fall is the season of sports -- and for good reason! If you're missing the energy of the sports stadium, try a tailgate of your own. Grill up your burgers, pop a few cold ones, and join your friends -- at least six feet apart, of course -- in lawn chairs on your driveway or in the parking lot.  

9. Shop at a local farmer's market.

Autumn is known for apples and pumpkin spice, but there's so much more seasonal produce to explore! Shop local by perusing your neighborhood farmer's market. Pick up fresh ingredients to make a delicious autumn recipe -- and be sure to tip your servers! 

10. Go apple picking.

It wouldn't be a Fall roundup without apple picking. If you live in a place that offers it, taking a trip to an apple orchard is a great way to get out and about to enjoy the fresh air. Plus, most orchards offer a pick-your-own package, so you can stock up on your Fall favorites for super cheap! Once you've brought home as much fruit as you can handle, find new recipes to try, or pick up a new skill like canning or making homemade jam.  

What are your favorite Fall activities? Let us know on Instagram! And if you're off for autumn adventures in your favorite Bomber Eyewear, don't forget to tag us (@bombereyewear) and use the hashtag #bombereyewear


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