The 5 Best Benefits of Anti-Fog Glasses

Whether you're strapping on a mask for a hard day's work or headed to the gym, there's nothing more annoying than fogging up your lenses while you're wearing a mask. Our answer: anti-fog lenses for glasses.

It’s important that you keep your glasses and your life fog-free. Here are five benefits to investing in anti-fog glasses, on the job, on the beach, and everywhere you go.


1. Anti-fog sunglasses enhance vision and visibility

The number one reason why fog is annoying is because you can’t see anything! Glasses or no glasses, fog is thick and impairs your vision. Whether you’re driving, working, or walking the dog you need to be able to see. This is especially critical on the worksite, when fogged-up vision can mark the difference between a good day's work and a major safety hazard. 


2. Anti-fog lenses help combat heat and humidity

One of the biggest reasons for fog is the weather. Fog appears in humid climates, before and/or after a rainstorm, or simply when you’re breathing through a face mask and humidity from your breath sends a rush of hot air to your glasses. Especially when it gets humid outside or in the workshop, people who don't normally have an issue with fog may be faced with cloudy lenses. Don’t let the humidity stop you from seeing clearly with the BUZZ Safety Anti-Fog frames -- wear the side shields on the job site for ANSI Z87+ safety certification, or pop them off on the go for maximized air flow and comfort. 


3. Anti-fog lenses are the best way to manage environmental changes

When the environment changes—visibility does too. If you’re traveling—especially on a road trip—then you need to make sure your windows and glasses are fog free. Driving in severe weather conditions can be dangerous and you want to make sure that you’re taking extra safety precautions. We've all been there in the work truck with no AC -- you open the windows on a hot and humid day, and those glasses fog right up. Invest in a pair of the BOOGIE Anti-Fog sunnies and keep those peepers peepin' no matter the weather. 


4. Anti-fog lenses improve performance and efficiency

If you’re working in the field, at a construction site, or even driving to and from work you need to be fog-free. Being able to see clearly with drastically improve your performance and efficiency since you can well you know, SEE CLEARLY! Hopefully we've said it enough at this point that anti-fog is just one of the many factors that help maintain a safe work zone -- especially if YOU not being able to see endangers someone else. Eye protection isn't a joke, people, so make sure you're protecting yourself and the entire jobsite! 


5. Anti-fog glasses get rid of the fog-ache

Dealing with fog is such a headache in general. Get rid of the fog-ache by investing in a pair of high-quality glasses that make your life a little bit easier. That’s why glasses in Bomber's anti-fog collection are treated with a special coating that protects lenses against humidity and keeps your glasses fog free.


Whether you're hitting the beach, getting ready for work, or just looking to enjoy this glorious weather without fogging up your face, Bomber Eyewear's got you covered. Shop anti-fog lenses for glasses today and let's get the party started! 


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