TIGER Safety - Smoke Jordan T Series

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# TR103JT

ABOUT THE PRINT:  The Jordan T Series sums up what Jordan--and Bomber--is all about. Designed in tandem with his friend and tattoo artist, Jordan's frame style is based on traditional Polynesian and Hawaiian islander tattoo designs. The individual facets of the design hold significant meaning to Jordan T and his artist friends. 

You'll find representations of five key ideals nearest and dearest to Jordan's heart: Lineage, Strength, Family, Protection, and Home. For Jordan, the design represents the protection he carries with him everywhere he goes, knowing his family and his ancestors are always there to protect and support him, no matter how far from home his travels may take him. 

ABOUT THIS STYLE: When it was time to design the TIGER Bomb, we knew it was time for a wrap-around design with just as much flair and functionality as the BOOGIE. The sleek, comfort-focused TIGER Bomb gives you everything you need from a heavier safety frame at a fraction of the weight. Designed not just to look cool, but to feel good, too, the TIGER is perfect for wear on the job, in the workshop, at the beach, or anywhere you need a leg up on the competition. The ultimate in style, safety, and security is waiting for you in the TIGER Bomb -- and until you try 'em on, you won't believe just how comfortable they can be.

  • These Bomber Tiger Safety Glasses Feature a Matte Black Frame, Smoke Safety Lens with Gray Foam and Jordan T-Inspired Tattoo Graphics on Arms
  • Wrap-around frames with wide-width lenses
  • Lightweight frame design offers form and function without sacrificing comfort
  • Modern, minimalist design with all the features of a top-of-the-line safety glass
  • Patented Bomber Eyewear foam lining for a snug fit and our famous floating capabilities
  • Meets ANSI Z87+ safety standards
  • 100% UVA and UVB protections
  • These Bomber Safety Glasses measure at: L = 160mm, W = 142mm, H = 41mm

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