Tokyo 2021: Rock Your Favorite Olympians' Favorite Sunnies!

Are you as enchanted with the Tokyo Olympics as we are?! Simone's stunning bronze-winning comeback, Sydney McLaughlin's world record, Tamberi and Barshim's dual-gold win -- there's so much to celebrate in the return of the summer Olympics! 

And of course, we've got to celebrate the shades. 

This week, we're taking a look at the styles our favorite Olympians are rocking, as well as the Bomber styles you can grab to match their ~look~.

Let's dive (or long-jump, or row, or do a flip) in!  


Simone Biles

We've got to start with the GOAT! In this great selfie from Simone's ultra-polished Instagram, she's rocking an elegant, oversized sunnies look that we simply love. Ladies, check out the LABOMBA for a look like Simone's -- we'll give you something to FLIP over! (And no, we're not sorry for that joke.) 



Italo Ferreira 

Ferreira backflipped into our hearts with his gold medal win in shortboard surfing. So it's no surprise that he won us over with his oversized, full-coverage sunglasses choices too. Do we even have to recommend the BUZZ Bomb to y'all anymore? Probably not, but we're going to do it anyway. 



Elaine Thompson Herah

While we're at it, we've got to call out this amazing poolside look from Jamaican track star (and WORLD RECORD HOLDER) Elaine Thompson Herah. Sure, we know you all love the BUZZ Bomb, but don't you love it even more when you've seen this full-coverage look WITH DOGS?!




Pedro Barros

You can't go wrong with a classic aviator, and Brazilian skateboarding legend Pedro Barros proves that point on his GQ cover. Elegant, stylish, and with just the right dash of "bad boy", aviator shades keep you protected -- and lookin' good -- on a board or on the beach. For all you aviator fans, we've got the STRANGE -- another Bomber classic! 




Naomi Osaka

Naomi is an absolute ICON, and we love this "barely there" sunglasses look because it offers a pop of color with any outfit. Bomber's REGGIE Bomb is your best best for an understated, sporty look -- and it comes in just about every color you could need to rep your Olympics team. (For the same look with a little more coverage, try the PIPE Bomb!) 



Brady Ellison

US Men's Archery champion Brady Ellison shows off an impressive mustache and a tried-and-true sunglasses look. We think this look is exactly on target -- and that's why you should grab a MEGA Bomb or two! (Plus, MEGA is a great choice for anyone heading out to the archery range!) 


Katie Ledecky

The stunning swimmer raises eyebrows (and breaks records) with this tried-and-true rounded look. We recommend the SMART Bomb for you Bomber fans of the classics -- perfect for the pool AND just about everywhere else! 


Kieran Smith

Florida's favorite Olympian swimmer shows off a fashionable square-edged sunglasses look on the beach. We recommend the GOMER or the JACO for that classic square look -- and we ALSO recommend heading for the beach, like, yesterday. 


What event was your favorite this year? We're still reeling from all the action. Congrats to the medalists, world record breakers, and everyone who gave it their all at the Tokyo Summer Olympics!! 

(And of course, don't forget to share your Olympian-inspired ~looks~ on Instagram @bombereyewear!)


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