See What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

May 07 2015 0

See What Our Customers Are Saying About Us!

Bomber Eyewear is proud to offer reviews from our customers who have thoroughly enjoyed our products. One customer raved about our sunglasses’ versatility saying “I've mostly used them for driving, but they've worked well the few times I've been on/near the water, and they work great in snow. They're usable in low light situations too.”

The versatility of our sunglasses does not end with protection from light, but also extends to the overall look of the sunglasses. One customer stated, “Hey Bomber really love your glasses.  I have been using bombers for almost 4 years now in many different environments and sports and have no complaints other than I can’t use them as a life preserver yet.  Bomber in my opinion is the best pair of glasses for any waterman (and waterwomen) around.  I always look forward to taking my bombers with me on the water never fearing that I will loose them or look like a kook in them.  Thanks Bomber see you on the water.”

Many customers also rave about our great prices. One stated, “With the tough economic times, it seems good deals and more importantly good customer service has become more increasingly hard to find. Well, there's good news. I found a company that went way above what I had expected. That company is BOMBER.” Another customer, a former Huntington Beach Lifeguard, stated, “They have been around since 1997 and have a unique, patented technology, that sets their sunglasses apart from the others that are currently sponsoring the various lifeguard associations.  This stand out feature would certainly be of benefit to lifeguards....THEY FLOAT!  In addition, their pricing is very reasonable.”

These are only a few of the many positive reviews we have enjoyed receiving over the years. If you are looking for a quality pair of durable and reliable sunglasses, Bomber is for you.

Why Choose Bomber Eyewear?

Bomber Eyewear was founded by a four-time World Champion Jet Ski Racer. In 1997, Tommy “the Bomber” Bonacci decided he was tired of his eyewear slipping off, bounce around or even completely disappearing into the ocean. From this frustration, Bomber Eyewear was born. Since then, the company has developed a specialized eyewear line that utilizes patented foam lining to ensure the sport sunglasses float if dropped in the water and provide a snug and comfortable “Soft Fit” when worn. As surfers, Jet Ski racers and other outdoor enthusiasts, Tommy and his team understand what outdoor sportsmen and women need in a pair of sunglasses.

Along with offering a snug and comfortable fit, Bomber sunglasses will also protect your eyes. The specialized wrap around design protects against debris and wind. The polarized lenses protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, both from above and from glare on the water.

Bomber Eyewear offers sunglasses that are more than an accessory. Leave your pricy sunglasses at home when you decide to spend a day on the water. Bomber sunglasses are durable, comfortable, protective and will float if dropped in the water. Do your expensive designer sunglasses offer that?